About The Evolution Stimulator Program:
A unique coaching program designed to unlock serious results.

Instead of fighting yourself to achieve your goals, this program will remove inhibitions and allow you to naturally evolve in a way that is effortless and enjoyable! Accept the negative as you do the positive, and begin to realize that our experiences are what we make of them – the choice is yours alone. ESP will help you to find the joy, happiness, and fulfillment that you are looking for. It is your own personal journey.

Where do you want to go from here?

Engage in the divine process of discovering your true passion—finding that powerful place within that we all are familiar with but do not allow ourselves to visit very often. Regardless of your present external circumstances, ESP is designed to assist you in finding that internal space of truth – who you are really meant to be. When this evolution begins to occur, a very interesting thing will happen...

You will find yourself in a place of awareness and acceptance, with the ability to let go of negativity and the opportunity to begin experiencing personal growth and development with strength, happiness, and love.

Stay present, learn more, get started.

Evolution Stimulator Founder, Shai Magdish

Before becoming a full time coach in 2001, Shai excelled as an entrepreneur - owning and operating two successful companies in the sales and construction industries. This is when Shai’s true gift developed. As CEO, the companies blossomed. As Coach to the CEO, managers, and employees the companies truly flourished. Shai’s true calling began to emerge.

Shai realized that coaching is his true passion and began his coaching career outside of his company, offering coaching services to a wider audience. This was the evolution of Shai and the birth of the Evolution Stimulator Program (ESP). As the success and numbers of his clients grew over the years, he created ESP to assist many others to empower themselves in many ways and simply, create and experience the life that they desire, with ease. Shai is NLP and TLT licensed and has helped hundreds of individuals in the personal and professional sector achieve their goals.

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