Sales & Professional Coaching

Smash through your sales targets with professional coaching. The Evolution Stimulator program provides the guidance, planning, learning, inspiration, and practice required to make your sales efforts a success.

You are responsible for sales targets. You are knowledgeable about your product, have a prospect list, and the ability to sell… but still something is holding you back. If this describes you, you are a great fit for the Evolution Stimulator program.

Blending sales, professional, and life coaching, The Evolution Stimulator program, is uniquely designed to enable you to sell more, better, and faster. The program does not teach you what to do or how to do it; there are no pre-set steps or mandatory lists. Instead of fighting yourself to achieve your goals, this program will cause you to naturally “evolve” in a way that is effortless and enjoyable! By accepting the negative and then transforming it, it does not take long to live a life full of positivity. ESP will help you to find the ability, results, and perfection that is the inner you.

Whatever your role in your business, our sales coaches will work with you to bring out your best results. From practical exercise proven to help build rapport, to deep introspection and self discovery, to simply pushing you to achieve your best, our sales coaches are there for you.

We truly believe everyone can benefit from Evolution Stimulator sales coaching, but of particular focus we can help those who are facing:

  • Aggressive sales targets
  • The need to win team buy in on goals and objectives
  • The responsibility of managing a difficult team
  • Conflict within their organization
  • Inner roadblocks which are sabotaging success
  • A strange or unfamiliar corporate culture

Does this sound like you? Contact us to learn more about the unique Evolution Stimulator sales coaching program today. A typical sales coaching engagement with us consists of:

  • Powerful questioning to discover what is holding you back and what is needed to pull you forward.
  • A program uniquely designed for you, but based on our countless success stories.
  • A series of exercises, based on a lifetime of experience, which empower you to sell more effectively.
  • Follow up in the form of real-world practice that will immediately impact you on a day-to-day basis.

Not ready? Hear what our happy life-coaching clients have to say.

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